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Dear Student Presenters,

We are delighted that you will be presenting a poster and/or podium paper at the World Congress of Audiology in about two weeks from now. Indeed, almost half of the 100+ students registered for WCA will be presenting their work. The 50+ presentations by students will add to the wealth of knowledge that is shared with 1000+ congress delegates from 50 different countries.

This message is let you know that you will have a chance to compete for a student presentation prize at WCA. The poster prize contest is being coordinated by Professor Benoit Jutras (University of Montreal) and Professor Josée Lagacé (University of Ottawa).

Eligibility for Presentation Prizes:
All student registrants and junior researchers (e.g., post-doctoral fellows or clinician-researchers who are within five years post receiving their degree). To compete for the prize you must be the presenting author of the poster or podium paper.

Prizes to be awarded:

1 prize for the overall best presentation
2 prizes for the best posters by Master or AUD students (in a clinical or research program)
2 prizes for the best posters by Doctoral students (research program)
2 prizes for the best posters by Junior researchers (within 5 years of graduation), including postdoctoral fellows and clinician-researchers.
2 prizes for the best podium papers

How to enter the presentation prize competition:

  • Arrive at your poster or podium paper session 15 minutes before the start of the session.
  • Check in with the session moderator who will have a sign-in list for presenters.
  • Student presenters should already be flagged on the sign-in list, but they should confirm their attendance at the session and their wish to be judged for the contest.
  • Junior researchers need to identify themselves to the moderator and indicate that they want to enter the contest and their category (e.g., Master/AUD, PhD, junior researchers).
  • The moderators will provide the judges at each session with the list of those who wish to be judged for the contest.

Evaluation criteria:

A team of judges will evaluate the presentations using the following criteria:

  • Importance of the problem
  • Novelty of research
  • Objective/hypotheses clearly stated
  • Methods clearly presented and adequate
  • Results clearly presented
  • Discussion of the results, the limitations of the study and future directions
  • Quality of the writing and visual presentation
  • Quality of the oral presentation and ability to answer questions

Announcement of winners:
Winners will be announced at the Closing Ceremonies on Wednesday and posted on the WCA website.
Certificates will be given.
Photos will be taken.

Best wishes,
Professor Kathy Pichora-Fuller, PhD
WCA Co-chair