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WCA2016 features a diverse program designed to provide the latest innovations and discoveries from the world's leading hearing health care professionals and researchers from around the world. The WCA2016 program will feature many other timely and relevant themes spanning research and practice in audiology.

 Sunday September 18, 2016


   09:00  20:00  Registration Open  North Tower Lobby
   11:00  17:00  Pre-Congress Workshops  
   18:00  19:00  Opening Ceremonies  Grand Ballroom ABCD
   19:00  21:00  Welcome Reception  Grand Ballroom Foyer & Junior Ballroom Foyer

 Monday September 19, 2016

   06:30  17:30  Registration Open  North Tower Lobby
   07:00  08:00  Breakfast Session - Widex (rsvp'd delegates only)  Beluga
   08:15  10:15  Round Table Plenary | Brain Imaging in Audiology, Research and Clinical Practice with Peter Thorne  Grand Ballroom ABCD
   10:15  10:45  Refreshment Break  Grand Ballroom Foyer
   10:30  12:00  Poster Session #1  Junior Ballroom AB
   10:30  12:00  Industry Session - Phonak   Finback
       Industry Session - Dreve Otoplastik (rsvp'd delegates only)  Beluga
   10:45  12:15  Featured Sessions  
         Hearing loss in childhood: consequences of missing a moving
   target in brain development
 Grand Ballroom AB
         Auditory and cognitive aging: From Sounds to Meaning  Grand Ballroom CD
         IERASG: Using Evoked Potentials to Solve Clinical Problems  Junior Ballroom C
         Tinnitus: Ears and brains  Junior Ballroom D
   12:15  13:30  Lunch (on own)  
   12:30  14:00  Industry Session - Sycle (rsvp'd delegates only)  Finback
       Industry Session - Costco Wholesale Canada - Hearing Aid Centres (rsvp'd delegates only)  Beluga
   13:00  14:30  Poster Session #2 & #4  Junior Ballroom AB & Foyer
   13:30  15:00  Featured Sessions  
         Extra-musical benefits of music training  Grand Ballroom AB
         Auditory and language processing in older adults  Grand Ballroom CD
         Hearing aids: Ears and brains  Junior Ballroom C
         Listening effort: Ears and brains  Junior Ballroom D
   14:30  17:00  Exhibit Hall Open  Pavilion Ballroom | Junior Ballroom Foyer | Orca
   15:00  15:30  Refreshment Break  Exhibit Hall - 3rd Floor
   15:30  17:00  CAA Members AGM & Awards  Grand Ballroom CD
   15:30  17:00  Poster Session #3  Junior Ballroom AB
   17:00  18:15  WCA2016 Reception (by invitation only)  Azure
   17:00       Free Evening for Delegates  
   18:00  19:15  New Professionals Reception (by invitation only)  34th Floor | South Tower

 Tuesday September 20, 2016


   06:30  19:00  Registration Open  North Tower Lobby
   07:00  08:00  Breakfast Sessioin - Sivantos (rsvp'd delegates only)  Finback
       Breakfast Session - Oticon (rsvp'd delegates only)  Beluga
   08:15  10:15  Round Table Plenary | Evidence Base for Best Practices: Research and Applications  Grand Ballroom ABCD
   10:15  10:45  Refreshment Break  Exhibit Hall - 3rd Floor
   10:15  15:00  Exhibit Hall Open  Pavilion Ballroom | Junior Ballroom Foyer | Orca
   10:30  12:00  Industry Session - Phonak  Finback
       Industry Session - dB Special Instruments (rsvp'd delegates only)  Beluga
   12:00  13:00  Delegate Lunch (in Exhibit Hall)  Exhibit Hall - 3rd Floor
   12:30  14:00  Industry Session - Phonak  Finback
       Industry Session - Widex (rsvp'd delegates only)  Beluga
   13:00  14:30  Featured Sessions  
         New and Emerging Innovations in Hearing Technologies  Grand Ballroom AB
         Dual Sensory Impairment: Effects & Management  Junior Ballroom B
         Internet-based rehabilitation  Junior Ballroom C
         Central processing  Junior Ballroom D
         Listening effort and hearing aids  Grand Ballroom CD
   13:00  14:30  Podium Papers
   BS9 Middle Ear
 Junior Ballroom A
   14:30  15:00  Refreshment Break  Exhibit Hall - 3rd Floor
   14:30  16:00  Industry Session - Starkey (rsvp'd delegates only)  Finback
       Industry Session - Amplifon (rsvp'd delegates only)  Beluga
   15:00  16:30  Podium Papers
   BS15 Physiology: OAE to Cortex
 Junior Ballroom A
   15:00  16:30  Featured Sessions  
         Advances in Teleaudiology Assessment  Grand Ballroom AB
         Hearing, balance and falls  Junior Ballroom D
         Hearing in infants: Assessment and rehabilitation  Junior Ballroom C
         Interventions for hearing loss using health psychology  Grand Ballroom CD
         Interventions for adults with dementia and their caregivers  Junior Ballroom B
   16:30  17:30  ISA General Assembly  Junior Ballroom D
   18:00  19:00  Gala Reception  Grand Ballroom Foyer & Junior Ballroom Foyer
   19:00  24:00  Gala Dinner  Grand Ballroom ABCD &
 Junior Ballroom ABCD



   06:30  16:30 Registration Open  North Tower Lobby
   07:00  08:00  Breakfast Session - Resound (rsvp'd delegates only)  Finback
   08:30  10:00

 Podium Papers
   BS21 Hearing Aids - Perception, Attitudes and Culture
   BS22  Brain Imaging and ERP
   BS23 Cochlear Implant in Children
   BS24 Cochlear Implants - Techniques, Management and Training
   BS26 Frontiers in Aural Rehabilitation

Junior Ballroom A
Junior Ballroom B
Pavilion Ballroom A
Pavilion Ballroom B
Pavilion Ballroom C

   08:30  10:00  Featured Sessions  
         Emotion and hearing aids  Grand Ballroom AB
         Bringing sound to the people: Promoting hearing health in the
 Grand Ballroom CD
         Genetics of Hearing Across the Lifespan  Junior Ballroom C
         Testing Hearing And Hearing Aids in Realistic Situations  Junior Ballroom D
         Acoustics and communication in school, workplace, health care
   and community settings
 Pavilion Ballroom D
   09:00  10:30  Industry Session - Sycle (rsvp'd delegates only)  Finback
       Industry Session - Advanced Listening Systems Limited (rsvp'd delegates only)  Beluga
   10:00  10:30  Refreshment Break  Grand Ballroom Foyer & Junior Ballroom Foyer
   10:30  12:00  Podium Papers
   BS25 Public Health
   BS27 Adult Aging: Brain to LIfe
   BS28 Cochlear Implants and Speech Understanding
   BS29 Hearing Aid and Technology Usability in Everyday Life
   BS30 Tinnitus
Junior Ballroom A
Junior Ballroom B
Pavilion Ballroom A
Pavilion Ballroom B
Pavilion Ballroom C
   10:30  12:00  Featured Sessions  
         Accessibility and assistive technologies: People, devices and life  Grand Ballroom AB
         Noise, ears and everyday life  Grand Ballroom CD
         Music as noise, pleasure, and as an input to hearing aids  Junior Ballroom C
         Hearing, cognition and social participation in older adults  Junior Ballroom D
         Hearing, communication and social participation in children  Pavilion Ballroom D
   11:30  13:00  Industry Session - Sycle (rsvp'd delegates only)  Finback
   12:00  13:00  Lunch (on own)  
   12:00  13:00  Student-Mentor Networking Lunch (Invite Only)  Azure
   13:00  13:45  ISA-World Health Organization (WHO) Lecture |
 Making hearing care accessible for all with Dr. Shelly Chadha
 Grand Ballroom ABCD
   13:45  15:45  Round Table Plenary | Hearing: a Global Public Health Priority with Adrian Davis  Grand Ballroom ABCD
   15:45  16:15  Refreshment Break  Grand & Junior Ballroom Foyers
   16:15 17:00  Glorig Lecture | Listening in Noise with Dr. Harvey Dillon  Grand Ballroom ABCD
   17:00  17:30  Closing Ceremonies  Grand Ballroom ABCD
*Program subject to change  

 *Certificates of Attendance will be available post-conference. Details will be emailed to all attendees.


WCA2016 Program 

The program on three days of WCA2016 will follow three general daily themes:

September 18th: Pre-Congress Workshops

September 19th: Auditory Neuroscience: Beyond the ear and the audiogram

September 20th: Advancing Best Practices in Audiology

September 21st: Hearing Health in a Social Context


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Contributed Posters and Podium Papers